When Behaviour Modification isn’t working…


Even though we each have our tried-and-tested strategies for working with disruptive behaviours, nothing works with every child, every time.

Disruptive behaviours can overwhelm and dominate a child’s life, robbing them of joy, meaning, and a sense of value and success.

How many children have you implemented a behaviour modification strategy that was going well and having a positive impact, but a few weeks later, you and they are left exasperated, lost and confused because you are back to square one?

Children and young people are often unable to make sense of the cause or emotions that are driving these disruptive expressions. The impact of these uncontrollable, structural dialogues, whether hyper arousal or hypo arousal, is potentially causing long-term damaging effects on a child’s mental health and relationships with others.

Drawing and Talking is the UK schools’ number one alternative (or pre curser) to Behaviour Modification Techniques. Staff are trained to use Drawing and Talking specifically to focus on the internal world of the child.

The Foundation to Drawing and Talking – Our One Day Training Program empowers your staff with:

  • How to Work with Toxic Self-Narratives That Sustain Negative Externalisation of Emotions
  • Key Strategies to Disrupt Trauma-Driven Behaviours
  • Critical Skills to Help Children and Young People with Creating Safe and Secure Attachment
  • How to Deliver an Intervention that Facilitates True Emotional Resilience
  • How to Work with Grief and Trauma to Reduce Risk of entrenched Impact
  • How to Lead the Traumatised Brain Out of Depression and Anxiety through Symbolic resolution.

With 5 weeks left till the end of term, we have several training dates available to you or your staff. Getting trained up now will enable you to be proactive in delivering intervention to those in need, from the start of the new academic year. The Foundation to Drawing and Talking is £299 + VAT which includes your delegate’s first year of membership. Click Here to register and see the dates.

No time this term? Don’t worry we have training dates released through to December 2022. Click Here to register and see the dates.

For more information or to enquire about costs for INSET/CLUSTER training please contact us.

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