“I used to bottle up my feelings and get very angry, now I know I can talk to adults”. 12-year-old who was having anger outbursts.

“It is amazing like where your brain and imagination meet and you can, you know, make sense of it”. Year 6 child with anxiety.

“I now know that I can trust people with my emotions". Year 4 child with anxiety.

“Thank you for helping me when I didn’t know I needed help” - Year 4 student suffering traumas in the family home.

“Thank you for working with H. H is a different child at home, much calmer. Maybe I need to come and see you too?” Father of year 3 student with anger and behaviour issues both at home and in school.

“You have removed all the sadness. It's like a place where you can relax and get out your bad feelings and you can talk it out and also have some relaxing time drawing”. Year 3 Child

“I feel so much stronger now. I am going to keep my folder in my work bag as a reminder of my strength”. (Adult)

“It has been very emotional. I definitely do feel more able to cope. Each time I am in that situation again, I know I will be stronger”. (Adult)

“I now feel better coming to school. My worries are still there but I can manage them so much better”. Child

“They are less anxious and talk a lot more which helps me know how best to support them”. Parent of child experiencing anxiety after family loss

“I liked the way I could talk about my feelings through drawing, without having to actually talk to an adult directly about it”. Year 6 child having witnessed Domestic Violence

“I think that was my best story yet. I feel good”. 10-year-old suffering with anxiety.

“I like sand play it gives me time to forget about my worries and let it out”. Year 4 child bereavement

“I’m now ready to go to trauma counselling”. Adult suffering from trauma

“I am more happy now”. Year 5 boy who suffered from anxiety

“My child now wants to come to school, she has learnt that talking helps and she can ease her own pain and suffering. She is far less anxious and loves that you still say hello to her”. Parent from Y2 - Child struggling to fit in and engage in school

"I don't think I really knew how to talk but drawing and talking helped me learn that I can talk, and it's ok". Year 5 boy who could often lose control

"Drawing and Talking is having a great impact on pupils within the school. It is truly rewarding to see increased confidence and contentment within pupils. It always brings a smile to my face when pupils ask if it’s a Tuesday etc because they know that it is their Drawing and Talking day! I’m so looking forward to seeing this process start again with a new group of pupils. The support provided outside of the training is outstanding; there is always someone from the team available to offer support and the webinars are such a great forum to share experiences and learn more. Thank you so much" Drawing and Talking Practitioner