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Advanced Knowledge in Drawing and Talking

1 day (9.00am to 3.30pm)
£299 + VAT (per delegate)

A one-day programme providing participants with a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process involved in the practice of Drawing and Talking, and the theory which underpins the technique. You will delve deeper into Jungian Theory to explore the use of archetypes and patterns that arise in children’s drawings, and learn about development and movement along the Ego-Self Axis

Participants will learn how to run group sessions utilising the Drawing and Talking principles. In a group environment, children, young people, and adults can become more aware of their emotions and develop an understanding of how to process them. Group sessions also serve as an outlet where they can share feelings with peers and in turn, understand that others can feel the same.

The Advanced Knowledge Training covers the SDQ clinical assessment tool, which is used in many schools and clinical settings. Understanding the results of this questionnaire, and how to pro-actively select the correct interventions based on outcomes, is fundamental to the well-being professional’s time and resources to meet individual needs.


Advanced Knowledge in Drawing and Talking Training is available to anyone who has completed the Foundation Course

What you will learn:
  • Recurring patterns and symbolism in drawings
  • Advanced Jungian Theory including collective unconscious and synchronicity, transference, countertransference and archetypes
  • Sand play – a one-to-one approach
  • What to do when a child will not draw
  • How to use the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Assessment Tool
  • Using Drawing and Talking within groups (whole class approach and smaller, targeted groups)
  • The play continuum
Special Requirements
  1. Please note for this course you must have a stable internet connection with a PC, laptop that has an active camera. D&T must be able to see you at all times.
  2. We recommend using a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet with a large enough screen to comfortably see the presentation and follow media materials.
  3. If a mobile/tablet device is used make sure to have the Zoom application installed.
All courses now delivered via Zoom

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I absolutely love these training sessions! ... I highly recommend doing this course as it takes you even deeper into the theory behind Drawing and talking and opens you up to even more ways of thinking and working with children and young people. You have to give it a go as it will have an amazing impact on the children you work with.

ADV Course Attendee