How a Drawing and Talking session works

Create a safe space: a time-limited approach

You will meet your client for 30 minutes on the same day, time and place each week, during a 12-week intervention. You will learn to ask a number of non-intrusive questions about their drawings, and over time a symbolic resolution is found to conflicts and trauma begins to heal.

Work one-to-one to create secure attachments

Work with an individual is carried out safely and non-intrusively, with respect for their pace and their state of being. This intervention helps to build healthy attachments and helps to process trauma.

Guide them through the world of dream and fantasy

Once an individual feels safe and the Practitioner has created a secure attachment, their imagination begins to unfold. Based on Jungian principles, they will be guided through the power of healing when working with the unconscious.

Find symbolic resolution

After completion of the Drawing and Talking therapy, individuals are more able to control their behaviour and most importantly have higher self-esteem, allowing them to thrive in the world around them.

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The course was informative, well-structured and managed. Practical sessions were embedded to provide 'real life' experiences (or as close as we could get!) Excellent.

Foundation Course Attendee

What an amazing course, very informative and also several emotional moments. Would definitely recommend.

Foundation Course Attendee

I feel that this is the first course I have been on that actually makes sense and gives the child the chance to start healing without everyone trying to fix them.

Foundation Course Attendee