Joint Statement – Child Exploitation Awareness Day 2021

Joint Statement in support of National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

Drawing and Talking Ltd delivers training to many organisations that support children and parents who have experienced exploitation and grooming. We would like to acknowledge all professionals who work tirelessly to prevent our children and young people from being exploited and providing them with a safe space to heal the emotional pain they have suffered.

Over the coming months, The Mental Health Hub will be offering expert-led Professional Development opportunities for practitioners, professionals and all members of the community to take part in safeguarding, ensuring we all have the skills and knowledge to keep vulnerable children, young people and adults safe.

It is everyone’s responsibility to gain an understanding of the complex and dangerous issue that so many young people face today.

If you are involved with an organisation or school that would like support regarding mental health intervention or best safeguarding practice in this issue please contact or message us.

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Marcus Dyke – Head of Safeguarding

Catherine Beagley – CEO

Child Exploitation Awareness Day Resources


Help us raise awareness!

The National Child Exploitation Awareness Day aims to highlight the issues surrounding Child Exploitation; encouraging everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse and adopt a zero-tolerance to adults developing inappropriate relationships with children or children exploiting and abusing their peers.

As an organisation, like many others, the NWG Exploitation Response Unit now views CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) through the lens of a broader understanding of child exploitation, encompassing criminal exploitation, trafficking, modern slavery and other forms of adolescent vulnerability.

Any child can be exploited no matter what culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, sex and those from any background.

Key Messages for 2021

  • Exploitation is about more than just CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), think about CCE (Child Criminal Exploitation), County Lines, Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  • Communities can tackle exploitation
  • The time to build relationships with children and families is crucial
  • Exploitation and its impact doesn’t stop once a child turns 18
  • Families can be safeguarding partners