Sue Gregory



Hello, my name is Sue Gregory.

I have been an advanced trained Drawing and Talking practitioner for 6 years.

I am passionate about how Drawing and Talking helps children and adults to process and heal themselves in a gentle and symbolic way.
Through this gentle beautiful therapy that just invites you to draw on your symbolic world. It will assist you to process your inner emotions in images, symbols and words to help you deal with your past or present pain, anxieties or traumas from your unconscious mind through storytelling or group discussion.

This means that individuals can arrange 30 minute sessions once a week for 12 sessions 1:1
or as I'm an advanced trained practitioner I also do group sessions and Jungian sand play
held in a safe secure environment.

I am currently working in 2 local schools in Folkestone. I also work as a self employed drawing and talking Practitioner in my local area, face to face and virtually via Google meet or Zoom.

I am very passionate about working with children and adults who are struggling with emotional health needs or who are suffering past or present trauma, loss or related mental health issues.
I have managed to help a number of adults through each lockdown with some remarkable results.

I currently charge £30 per session and can offer concessionary rates where needed.
Please feel free to contact me for more information and I will be happy to help you.

Mobile: 07956 098072
Email me:

I have an enhanced CRB certificate
Therapeutic Facilitator Insurance
Hays Safeguarding certificate 2020
COVID POLICY Level 5 updates and online safeguarding

I am currently reading Inscapes of the Child's World by John Allan.

Keep safe

Best regards

Sue X


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Emma Turnbull From Folkestone

Drawing and talkIng with Sue has helped me to express my emotions in a creative and controlled way. Sue has guided me through the process without making it feel like a standard therapy session. Thanks to drawing and talkIng I have been able to control my emotions and become a more resilient person xxx
Alexandra From Folkestone

I started drawing and talking with Sue in November and I finished my final session this week. The sessions were so therapeutic yet enjoyable, you do not realise you have a creative spark until you discuss the possible meanings behind every drawing. Every session I noticed how my drawing would reflect my inner self. This form of therapy allows you to communicate your emotions through drawing and many problems or inner anxieties you might be thinking about often appear somehow in the drawings but progress into something spectacular without realising. I saw a tremendous difference in my progress and the tone of my drawings as they started to become far more positive and empowering which was a huge sign of my healing. I would always look forward to my session each week as I saw it as an opportunity to dedicate my own time to something I enjoy, it has become a form of self-care. Sue is a great communicator and is incredibly empathetic and understanding of your needs and really expresses the positives in every drawing you create. If you are looking for a fun, creative form of therapy then I would highly recommend this.