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I am an Advanced Drawing and Talking Practitioner with extensive experience of working with children aged 5 years + in the Reading area. I am also a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider. Fully insured and DBS checked, I have worked in schools for the past nine years supporting young people academically and emotionally.

As a mother myself, I am passionate about empowering people to develop robust self-care practises because - let's face it - sometimes life can get tough and we need to know how to help ourselves and when to ask for the support of others.

I offer affordable, private 1-2-1 support for local families. For schools and charities, I provide a bespoke peripatetic package offering 1-2-1 sessions, group work and sandplay based on your particular needs.

We will work as a team to effect real change in how your child processes and reframes difficult emotions and experiences like low self-esteem, bereavement, divorce, transitions between schools or bullying and will inform how they approach the new challenges life inevitably throws at them.

In my free time, I love to practise yoga and am passionate about the benefits of being out in nature. A life-long vegetarian, I love animals - especially my gorgeous dog!

Get in touch now to find out how you can benefit from my Drawing and Talking sessions. I look forward to speaking to you.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram as Beam Wellbeing.


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Claire From Reading

Sarah worked with my son over a period of months after my son was having trouble dealing with his emotions following his dad and I splitting up. I could see the improvement in my son's mental wellbeing after only a few sessions. It was like he just needed this outlet without any judgement and someone who understood him without the pressure of having to talk immediately about any issues he was having. I would highly recommend Sarah.
Mother of H From Reading

It is my pleasure to strongly recommended Sarah Vugler for her Drawing and Talking sessions. Sarah Vugler is know to me as Mrs Vugler from Thameside school. She has been doing Drawing and Talking with my daughter for a while now and H really loves and enjoys these sessions. They have helped her to become more confident in talking to myself (her mum) and sharing her feelings. Sarah is a loving and caring person who is willing to listen and understand your problems. She is always happy to help you in anyway she can. I would love for my child to do this again as it really helps her with her needs. Once again I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough for anyone looking for this kind of help. Many thanks
Mother of E From Caversham, Reading

Although this is not normally an area of interest for E, he engaged well once he was ready and he enjoyed the time to reflect. It was a calm way of allowing him to talk about his feelings and his day without feeling overwhelmed.
Mother of E From Caversham, Reading

Although this is not normally an area of interest for E, he engaged well once he was ready and he enjoyed the time to reflect. It was a calm way of allowing him to talk about his feelings and his day without feeling overwhelmed.
Parent of Child in Year 2 From Reading

Mrs Vugler is a professional Drawing and Talking Practitioner. Our son who sometimes struggles to explain his emotions had Drawing and Talking sessions with Mrs Vugler. This helped him to demonstrate his emotions in his drawings. Also, while drawing, he was freely talking and expressing himself. We learnt that at the end of the sessions, it is up to the kids to keep the drawings, show parents or not, or they can bin them without showing to parents if they don\'t want to. When it was his last day at the sessions, he has been given all his drawings (portfolio) in a folder. When I have been to pick him up, he straight away ran to me and showed me all his . Couldn\'t even wait for home. That moment, I felt his happiness, how he was proud of himself during the sessions and how he enjoyed. These sessions were provided at school and now we are planning to continue them privately. We highly recommend Mrs Vugler\'s Drawing and Talking if your child is struggling to express their emotions.
Deputy Headteacher From Reading

I cannot talk highly enough about Mrs Vugler & Drawing & Talking. Having known & worked with her for nearly ten years, I have seen first hand how she is able to build strong relationships & trust with children & young people. I referred a child in my class to work with Mrs Vugler, at first they were quite reluctant to participate, but over the course of the sessions the child grew to look forwards to their sessions & you could see their mood & wellbeing improve. The child began to smile more & enjoy being in school & began to strengthen relationships with peers again, after becoming very withdrawn. The child found it difficult to talk openly about their feelings & emotions. Over time & through the Drawing & Talking sessions, the child was more & more open & shared their thoughts & concerns with Mrs Vugler in a safe space where they felt comfortable. The child’s confidence, along with their wellbeing grew over the course of the sessions & for me to witness this positive change I can genuinely say it was so lovely to see. I think the service offered by Beam Wellbeing is so important for children & young people to have in the Reading area.