Introducing our Advanced Knowledge to Drawing and Talking

The Advanced course gives you comprehensive training to deepen your knowledge of Drawing and Talking and utilise the therapeutic technique using different methods.

The advanced course will dramatically upgrade your skills and confidence as a practitioner as well as enabling you to provide sand play and group work.

This course is right for you wherever you are on your Drawing and Talking journey. However, if this is something that you would like to look at in the future, you can see our training dates available for the future here.

All-New Live Online Interactive Class Format

This program has been totally redesigned for 2021. To ease your access to the training and in line government guidance, we have moved our training online.

What Do You Learn on the Advanced Course?

  • Recurring Patterns and Symbolism in Drawings
  • Further Jungian Theory, the Ego-Self Axis, the Psyche and Jungian Archetypes
  • Using Drawing and Talking with bereaved individuals
  • Strengths and Difficulties (SDQ) Assessment Tool
  • Sand Play
  • Using Drawing and Talking with Groups
  • The Play Therapy Continuum

The best way to upgrade yourself as a Drawing and Talking Practitioner

We know how valuable the work you do is and the lengths you go to provide the vulnerable people you work with support with their emotional wellbeing.

The work you are doing is changing people’s lives and helping them process trauma. We want you to be the best practitioner you can be so we have created the advanced programme to allow you to provide new services and really understand the theory that underpins Drawing and Talking.

Full Price: £275+VAT

Members Price: £225+VAT

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Advanced Knowledge Curriculum

The Underlying Foundations and Theory of Drawing and Talking

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the Jungian psychology and the theory of symbolic healing
  • Learning about child development and movement along the Ego-Self Axis.
  • Understanding of the Recurring images which may appear in drawings, Jungian Archetypes and the symbolism behind them being present.

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) Assessment Tool

  • This well-known clinical tool supports practitioners and others to gain an insight into which intervention or support method is best suited for them.
  • A deeper understanding of this assessment method allows practitioners and leaders to monitor the impact of interventions over a sustained period of time.
  • The SDQ providers leaders within your school or organisation with a better understanding of the emotional and social needs of individuals accessing your service.

The Healing Power of Facilitated Group Work

  • In a group environment, people can become more aware of their emotions and feelings, and develop an understanding of how to process them.
  • Group sessions also serve as an outlet in which they can share feelings with peers and in turn, understand that others can feel the same.
  • Group work enables practitioners to reach and impact a larger number of people who would benefit from further support.
  • This work supports individuals who struggle with social skills and empowers them to be in group settings

Sand Play

  • Easier to engage individuals who are hyper-active and struggle to focus on pen and paper
  • Helps individuals who are struggling to access fantasy by drawing
  • Sand Play removes the pressure of drawing from the individual

Testimonials from 2020 Participants

“I would highly recommend the advanced course. Not only does it provide a deeper understanding for the practitioner but it also equips practitioners with three additional therapeutic interventions. For those who are continually asked for outcomes, the addition of the use of the SDQ will go a long way in supporting practitioners when such questions are asked. Really enjoyable course and the day just flew! Thank you”

“I can`t express how much I enjoyed this course. I can`t remember the last time I had attended a course and felt genuinely excited about what this could do for the children/school I work in. Thank you so much, the whole day from start to finish was informative and well it just simply made sense. Thank you again for everything”