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A brief introduction of Drawing and Talking

Working with the child or young person’s inner world needs to be carried out safely and non-intrusively, with respect for the child or young person’s own pace and state of being. This is why anyone using Drawing and Talking learns to stay in the world of the child or young person’s drawing. The child or young person sets the pace and decides what to bring to the session.

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Our Work

At Drawing and Talking we train a wide range of professionals and individuals across the UK.

We provide a low cost, valuable tool which enables those who have undertaken the training programme  to support children, young people and adults in a gentle but effective way before mental health problems become entrenched.

To date, our network of professionals have used Drawing and Talking Therapy to make a difference to over 500,000 children and young people throughout the UK.

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Our Vision

Humanity – People’s health and happiness is at the heart of all we do
Training – To do one thing and be the best
Customers – To listen, live, love and laugh with them
Value – For money, for each other, for our word, for life
Leadership – Empower and create effective action in others
To be of service – To each other, to our customers and to anyone in need of support.

Our Business Principles

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a global company providing the highest quality training to professionals so they are able to assist with transforming the lives of anyone suffering from emotional pain.