About Us

Our Work

at Drawing and Talking

 At Drawing and Talking we train a wide range of professionals and individuals across the UK.

We provide a low cost, valuable tool which enables those who have undertaken the training programme  to support children, young people and adults in a gentle but effective way before mental health problems become entrenched. 

To date, our network of professionals have used Drawing and Talking Therapy to make a difference to over 500,000 children and young people throughout the UK.



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Our Vision

at Drawing and Talking

Our Values 

  • Humanity - People's health and happiness is at the heart of all we do
  • Training -  To do one thing and be the best
  • Customers - To listen, live, love and laugh with them
  • Value - For money, for each other, for our word, for life
  • Leadership - Empower and create effective action in others
  • To be of service - To each other, to our customers and to anyone in need of support.
Our Business Principles