FREE WEBINAR – Introduction to Drawing and Talking
(Focused on Caring for Older Adults)

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We deliver training courses to professionals in the following sectors: Adult social care, nursing and residential care homes, NHS, charities and volunteers, hospices and agency professionals.


Are you interested in learning more about Drawing and Talking and how this therapeutic intervention can support you in your setting?

Join a 75-minute (7.30pm to 8.45pm UK time - select date below) interactive Zoom conversation about how the Drawing and Talking therapeutic technique supports older adults' mental health via care homes and other services. We explore how easy it is to roll out in your organisation, in addition to empowering you as an independent or freelance professional. 

Join Cath Beagley, our CEO to ask any questions you may have and:

  • Explore how Drawing and Talking differs from other therapies, as a mental health intervention.
  • Discover what our training offers right now for older adults who may be suffering from anxiety, lack of connection, or loneliness. 
  • Find out more about what our training offers right now for professionals who work with older adults.
  • Understand what Drawing and Talking would look like for you and your organisation

Who is this suitable for?

  • Care Homes
  • Adult Social Care
  • Health Care
  • Charities


“M never joins in and always finds a reason to leave. I am so happy she has stayed the whole time and participated.”

Activity Coordinator, Eastcote

Wow this is amazing to listen to them talk and share their stories.”

Activity Coordinator, Droitwich Mews

“We found out things about each other which we didn’t know about.”

Resident, Royal Star