Sarah-Jane Brooks |Redditch

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Why are you so passionate about Drawing and Talking as a supportive intervention?

I am so passionate about drawing and talking because I instantly saw the advantage for children and adults alike to be able to access their inner emotions in such a gentle, non-threatening way. I also love how enthusiastic the children are about coming to their sessions.

What is the age range of those you work and enjoy helping the most?

I currently work in a primary setting so are working with 5/6-year-olds. I love their enthusiasm and imagination.
However, I am also very eager to work with young adults and would really love to see how much Drawing and Talking could do to help our veterans.

What areas of emotional wellbeing are passionate about supporting?

With these turbulent times I am passionate about working to ease the anxiety that our young people face. Today’s challenges are testing for everyone.

Having lived with the effects of PTSD and seen first-hand how bereavement can affect a whole family I also feel very strongly about supporting these areas of emotional wellbeing.

How has the pandemic impacted the mental wellbeing of those you help?

For the children I have helped a lot of the issues that have arisen have been how the children have tried to cope with their parent’s anxieties. bereavement and the consequences that lockdown caused. Its very hard to see but very comforting to know that Drawing and Talking can help ease those issues.

What advice would you give someone seeking support

The times that we find ourselves are like nothing we have lived through before. An invisible war that we cannot fight. We have all had to cope in our own way and if we cannot cope then there is nothing wrong with reaching out for that helping hand.

I can be that helping hand so please reach out and take it.