Samantha Davies | Richmond Upon Thames, London

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How would you describe Drawing and Talking in its simplest terms?

Drawing and Talking is a safe and gentle therapeutic approach, which provides an effective way for children, young people and adults to process emotional pain or trauma they may be experiencing.

Why are you so passionate about Drawing and Talking?

I am so passionate about Drawing and Talking because I have experienced first hand the life changing effects it can have on the clients I have worked with. The changes for clients from Drawing and Talking can be profound yet unobtrusive, which is why I love this approach so much. The technique is hugely successful, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to offer this therapy.

What is the age range you work with?

I have worked with over 25 primary school aged children during the last 4 years and a few adults. However, I am happy to work with anyone who needs help with their emotional wellbeing, regardless of age.

What areas of emotional wellbeing do you most connect with and are passionate about supporting?

Empathy, kindness, support, understanding and trustworthiness are all core values which I bring to my work as a practitioner. I have worked with clients experiencing anxiety, trauma, bullying, selective-mutism, behavioural issues, bereavement and family issues, such as being adopted, or parental separation. Either myself or a family member have been through the majority of these traumas, so I can connect with them on a personal level, and am passionate about supporting clients going through them.

How has COVID impacted the mental wellbeing of the families in these areas?

COVID has had a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of society as a whole. It has negatively affected many people’s mental health and created new barriers for people already suffering from mental illness. For some families, the pandemic has hit harder because someone may have lost their job or lost a loved one and they might need to lean more on their family for support. If not adequately or appropriately addressed, the mental health consequences for a generation of children and young people could far surpass the immediate health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving long-term social and economic consequences in its wake.

Whilst using Drawing and Talking, what is your greatest success story?

My greatest success story whilst using Drawing and Talking was when one of my primary school clients, who had been suffering from anxiety, said to me at the end of his last session “Drawing and Talking has literally changed my life, thank you so much”. He now comes into school happy and confident, with a big smile on his face. A huge change from when I first started working with him.