Sam Campbell Jones | Haverfordwest

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Why are you so passionate about Drawing and Talking as a supportive intervention?

I am passionate about making any kind of support person centred, which Drawing and Talking definitely is. Conventional talking therapy isn’t for everyone – it can seem a bit daunting. Offering the safety of working with pictures is a very gentle approach.

What is the age range of those you work and enjoy helping the most?

I usually work with primary age children especially those with learning differences who can find it difficult to express themselves, but I also love to go back to my pre-teaching roots and work with adults who are struggling with challenging circumstances. 

What areas of emotional wellbeing are passionate about supporting?

It’s heartbreaking how long both children and adults sometimes have to wait to get support with emotional trauma. Early intervention can make all the difference to avoiding problems later on, so I’m really keen to encourage that.

How has the pandemic impacted the mental wellbeing of those you help?

Some children with additional learning needs found the smaller classes during the first lockdown easier – and those with school related anxiety actually felt the pressure lifting. But for many of the adults – parents and school staff, it has been very stressful and challenging and this is an ongoing situation.

What advice would you give someone seeking support

It can take great courage to make that first step of seeking support – so well done! It’s also ok to feel it might not help, but want to try anyway. Looking after your own wellbeing is such a positive act.