Michelle Jones |Lightwater

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Why are you so passionate about Drawing and Talking as a supportive intervention?

I am so supportive about Drawing and Talking as a short-term intervention because I feel it as a Holistic element and I have seen the fantastic results with my own eyes, also I can use it as an alternative therapeutic service alongside other therapies that I offer, one of which is Reiki as I am Master Reiki Practitioner.

What is the age range of those you work and enjoy helping the most?

I have mainly done Emotional and Symbolic Expression with adults which I have found very rewarding, the sessions are so different from week to week.

What areas of emotional wellbeing are passionate about supporting?

I am very passionate about supporting emotional wellbeing as a whole. Hopefully giving the client the opportunity and confidence to move forward with hope and courage. I am constantly unearthing a holistic pathway to helping others with their own wellness.

How has the pandemic impacted the mental wellbeing of those you help?

I have come to realise that Covid-19 has had a massive impact on how people are re-evaluating their lives life styles, be it wanting to move ahead with clarity. Or being able to move on from a previous trauma.

What advice would you give someone seeking support

I would urge anyone to reach out even for an initial conversation over the phone. Sometimes this can be the biggest step of all. I believe in gratitude and paying it forward and the strength that comes with positive self-esteem.