International Partnership

The World of Wellbeing – The Mental Health Hub

Drawing and Talking have delivered training internationally to several service providers within Education and the Health Sector.

Our commitment is to expand the training provision globally by creating partnerships and working with organisations, schools, agencies and individuals who are aligned with our core values.

To date we have led training in our trade marked Drawing and Talking Therapy Intervention within European counties, the Bajan government to train school counsellors, and the MENA region for local schools.

The programme is currently being delivered in California where the approach has been very well received and we continue to look for partnerships to develop within the USA.

Our Promise:

Anyone can access therapeutic intervention should they ever need it’ is a global commitment. Our dedication to increasing the positive mental health of humanity is something that has impacted over 2 million children, young people and adults to date.

If you are interested in bringing Drawing and Talking into your region, and would like to have a conversation regarding how to get started please contact us here.