Safeguarding CPD – Summer 2021

Why attend our Safeguarding CPD?

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  • Our CPD is designed and delivered by Operational Experts to provide practitioners and professionals with immediate takeaways to develop and improve their practice.
  • All participants receive:
    • A signed CPD Certificate of Attendance to say that they have attended our session and for use as part of CPD record keeping and monitoring.
    • Recording Transcript of the session in PDF format to keep.
    • Learners Workbook designed specifically for the CPD course, to aid in learning and course retention.
    • Copies of the Trainers Slides which participants can use and keep to further their learning experience.
    • Additional Materials, Links and Resources appropriate to each course.

Safeguarding CPD Overview – Summer 2021

  • Certificate in Understanding the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Certificate in Level 2 Safeguarding Children
  • Certificate in Understanding Child Exploitation
  • Certificate in Understanding the Impact of Domestic Abuse

Adverse Childhood Experiences CPD

Our Adverse Childhood Experiences course will take participants through what we know about understanding the impact of ACEs. The course will cover the background to ACEs research, and take you through a child's development from before birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence and early adulthood.

Participants will have the opportunity to think about how they can apply this knowledge to their work environment.


  • To have developed an understanding of ACEs
  • To have explored how ACEs can impact on the developing child
  • To have understood the importance of relationships and resilience building
  • To have considered the importance of trauma informed responses with young people.



  • Thursday 10th June 2021
    • AM Session: 9am to 12.30pm
    • PM Session: 5pm to 8.30pm

Level 2 Safeguarding Children CPD

Our Level 2 Safeguarding Children course is essential if you work frequently with children and their families and ensures that you have an up-to-date knowledge of risks to children, safeguarding trends, child protection procedures and policy updates.

This course will enable participants to identify vulnerability, concerns and abuse in a timely and effective manner, understand what to do if a child discloses abuse, report concerns, recognise risks, feel confident in understanding the process after a referral has been made and apply best practice guidelines.


  • Thursday 24th June 2021 – 9am to 12.30pm

Child Exploitation CPD

For many years, child protection in the UK has been based around safeguarding children from harm within their families and homes or, less commonly, from adults in a position of trust. Recent years have made professionals more aware of new hazards to children that are mainly from outside these settings.

Child Sexual Exploitation is increasingly being recognised as a common risk, and is often links to other forms of exploitation such as County Lines, Knife Crime, Trafficking, and Gangs.

A report by the Children’s Commissioner for England highlighted that the temporary closure during COVID-19 of resources such as schools, youth centres, children’s centres and clinics removed a vital safety net for vulnerable children. This is likely to have increased the number of children being drawn into sexual and other exploitation.

Our Child Exploitation course will provide participants with essential information about the exploitation of children and young people.


  • Thursday 1st July 2021 – 9am to 12.30pm

Domestic Abuse CPD

UK domestic abuse helplines report surge in calls during lockdown-experts in the field have warned that abusers and their partners having to self-isolate together at home may lead to an increase in abusive behaviour and violence due to the pressure cooker effect of being trapped indoors.

Our Domestic Abuse course will help participants to recognise and respond effectively where domestic abuse is present, help identify and understand what factors increase risk and help identify ways to reduce these risks and provide support.


  • To develop an awareness of the different aspects DVA can take
  • To be aware of the impact of DVA on victims and their children
  • To consider how to respond appropriately and to signpost to the relevant services


  • Thursday 8th July 2021 – 9am to 12.30pm

How to Book

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Safeguarding CPD Schedule

(UK Times)

Thursday 10th June 2021 – Adverse Childhood Experiences Level 2 (9am to 12.30pm)

Thursday 10th June 2021 – Adverse Childhood Experiences Level 2 (5pm to 8.30pm)

Thursday 24th June 2021 – Safeguarding Children Level 2 (9am to 12.30pm)

Thursday 1st July 2021 – Child Exploitation Level 2 (9am to 12.30pm)

Thursday 8th July 2021 – Domestic Abuse Level 2 (9am to 12.30pm)

CPD Cost

(All prices inclusive of 20% VAT, where applicable)

Each course costs £84

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Safeguarding CPD Testimonials

“This was a great course to help give a certain level of understanding into the terminology and research concerning domestic abuse.”

“Excellent training insightful and knowledgeable course made easy to follow and implement. Lots of training material given, to keep you informed.”

“Thank you for your time and efforts. Very useful information and a chance to get together and explore a sensitive but highly current and important subject that appears as part of too many lives. I think it is more a 1day (maybe more) training subject, however having the slides (and other resources coming) when read, really allows further learning and enriches the three hours offered yesterday.”

“This was extremely informative. The trainer was calm, professional, acknowledged all answers with care and showed empathy. Three hours whizzed by. Lovely group of people to work with.”

“An excellently delivered course that kept us fully focussed with lots of useful breakout discussion groups, full of helpful knowledge and delivered in a way made us feel safe but challenged at the same time, leaving us better equipped to recognise a domestic abuse situation and the effect it can have on children we are working with. Thank you.”

“A comprehensive, well thought out and highly delivered course. Would definitely recommend it.”

Further Information

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Phone: 020 8715 0745