Advanced Knowledge Course

The Advanced Knowledge to Drawing and Talking Training is available to anyone who has completed the Foundation Course.

Equipped with pictures drawn by children and or young people you are currently working with*, and with their permission, we delve deeper into Jungian Theory to explore the use of archetypes and patterns that arise in their drawings, as well as learning about development and movement along the Ego-Self Axis.

Participants will also learn how to run group sessions, which utilise the Drawing and Talking principles but through a different technique to that used in one-to-one sessions. In a group environment, children and young people can become more aware of their emotions and feelings, and develop an understanding of how to process them. Group sessions also serve as an outlet in which they can share feelings with peers and in turn, understand that others can feel the same.

The training will also introduce Sand Play, a technique for use with children and young people who refuse to draw, or who find it difficult to access the unconscious through drawing.

We advise that participants have begun work with at least one child or young person before undertaking the Advanced Knowledge Training to allow them to gain experience in one-to-one sessions.


*It is vital that participants bring along pictures drawn by a child or young person that you have worked with in order to fulfil the objectives of the Advanced Knowledge Training course.

Course Outcomes

The one-day programme provides participants with a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process involved in the practice of Drawing and Talking, as well as the theory which underpins the technique.


  • Recurring patterns and symbolism in drawings
  • Further Jungian Theory including: collective unconscious and synchronicity, transference-counter- transference, archetypes
  • Using Drawing and Talking with bereaved children and young people
  • What to do when a child will not draw (Sand Play)
  • Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire  – assessment tool
  • Using Drawing and Talking within groups
  • The play continuum



 £225 + VAT (per delegate)

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