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Why our work matters

Facts, Figures and Testimonials.

Historically mental health has been, for many, a taboo subject. For far too long people of all ages suffering with mental health issues have been stigmatised, marginalised or simply ignored.

The good news is that attitudes are changing and we are proud to be able to share some of our facts and figures together with some of  the wonderful testimonials that we have received from children, parents and staff who have been touched by the powerful effects of Drawing and Talking Therapy.


Case Studies

The impact of Drawing and Talking

By attending our training, professionals using Drawing and Talking have touched the lives of many who have suffered from the ill effects of poor mental health.

Drawing and Talking practitioners have made a difference to thousands of individuals and their families. 

We are proud to be able to share a collection of case studies with you. These case studies illustrate the objectives and outcomes of Drawing and Talking Therapy within schools and organisations. 


Case Studies

Industry Research

Peer Reviewed Papers

We have carefully selected research papers that we believe provide important insights into the personal and social impacts of mental health.  

We have tried to be as varied as possible whilst choosing the research papers content, doing our best to consider and reflect a variety of mental health areas.